Jury and Trial Consultation for The Winning Edge

2nd Chair Services is the oldest and highest rated jury consultation firm in San Diego County. We have been in business since 1995 and have been involved in more trials, received higher Plaintiff’s verdicts, and achieved more improbable results than any other firm in San Diego County History.

2nd Chair Services was founded in 1995 by Toni M. Blake JD. MA. Ms. Blake is a graduate of University of Nebraska’s Law and Psychology program, where she studied cognitive social psychology and law. For the last 20 years Ms. Blake has been a part time professor of psychology and a full time jury consultant. She has assisted in the tactical planning and jury selection in over 2000 civil and criminal cases.


This Verdict Made Jaws Drop

“For the first time in his 19-year legal career, Desmarais sought the counsel of a trial consultant. He and Toni Blake of 2nd Chair Services in San Diego explored various strategies for rationalizing a massive award…Desmarais relied on consultant Blake, who’d had no prior exposure to the litigation, as a sounding board. After observing each day of trial, she’d meet for about 20 minutes with the attorneys to give feedback and “be sort of a sanity check,” he said…During one of their discussions, they picked apart Microsoft’s argument that it need not pay royalties to Alcatel-Lucent for a backup coder because consumers didn’t need it. Blake noted that regardless of whether the coder ever was used, buyers expected it-as they would their car’s spare tire-to be there and to work. “It was a pretty clever analogy,” Desmarais said, and he incorporated the comparison into his closing argument.”

- John Desmarais
The National Law Journal
This Verdict Made Jaws Drop

Crudo Law Firm

“We have used Toni Blake in  many of our civil cases.  Her services help us to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each particular case.  The process which Ms. Blake employs allows us to find ways to overcome any weakness.  Additionally, Ms. Blake’s services prepares our clients for making a good witness in order to tell their story in a compelling and honest manner.  This client interaction help us in managing the client’s expectations for his/her case.  Employing the services of Ms. Blake and 2nd Chair Services helps us get a case independently analyzed which in turn helps us in making a determination for settling the clients case or to push forward towards trial.  Should we push to trial, Ms. Blake then uses her expertise and experience in the field of psychology to help us in picking the most favorable jury possible.  It’s not an exact science, but our jury awards reflect Ms. Blake’s ability to give us the best chance for justice for our clients.”

- Joe Crudo Esq.
Crudo Law Firm

Ronald Bobo Attorney at Law

“Ms. Blake is extremely focused and perceptive. She noticed characteristics and possible juror prejudices that I had overlooked. I followed her advice and kept one juror who turned out to be the hold out.I cannot say enough positive things about Toni Blake. I will utilize her services in every future trial.”

- Ronald Bobo, Esq.
Attorney at Law

Boyce & Schaefer

“As experienced trial lawyers know, jury selection is the most critical stage of the trial. Toni’s skill is intangible and not something that can be taught. Because of her unique abilities and years of training and experience, she has invaluable, and often counter-intuitive, insight into jurors. For example, in a recent serious felony trial, I left a prospective juror on the panel on the advice of Toni that I normally would have excused; the juror was instrumental in achieving a hung jury in a difficult case.”

- Robert E. Boyce, Esq.
Boyce & Schaefer